Introducing the latest cluster to join the EUCloudEdgeIoT (EUCEI) community: the Cognitive Computing Continuum!

Apr 30, 2024

This dynamic cluster, one of eight within EUCEI community, is leading the charge in AI and edge computing innovation.

The Cognitive Computing Continuum cluster stands at the forefront of innovation within the Cloud, Edge, and IoT Continuum (CEI), driving the evolution of AI and edge computing technologies. Comprised of five groundbreaking projects, including ENACT, this cluster is set to revolutionize how we perceive and harness intelligence across the computing continuum.

Projects within the Cognitive Computing Continuum Cluster

Driven by a common goal, the projects within the Cognitive Computing Continuum cluster aim to enhance openness and strategic autonomy in the evolving data and AI economies while nurturing European value chains and accelerating the digital and green transitions. By establishing adaptive hybrid computing, cognitive clouds, and edge intelligence, these projects are laying the groundwork for strategic industrial cooperation and building open platforms critical to European competitiveness.

Exploring the Five Projects:

  1. INTEND (Intent-based data operation in the computing continuum): Pushing the boundaries of AI to bring human-like intelligence into the cognitive continuum.
  2. MYRTUS (Multidimensional Real-Time Ubiquitous System): Pushing runtime adaptivity between and across layers.
  3. HYPER-AI (Hyper-distributed AI): Developing mid-tier and cloud-edge self-managed clusters for optimized execution of highly data-intensive applications.
  4. EMPYREAN (Empowering Collective Computing): Building collaborative collectives of computing and storage resources, known as Associations, that dynamically cooperate in a secure and trusted manner.
  5. ENACT (Enabling Adaptive Computing Technologies): Developing cutting-edge technologies to realize a Cognitive Computing Continuum (CCC) capable of optimal resource management and dynamic scaling.

As these projects, including ENACT, continue to push the boundaries of innovation, they are paving the way for a more intelligent and interconnected world.

The EUCloudEdgeIoT Community

The initiative serves as a catalyst for cooperation and innovation within the CEI Continuum. By facilitating collaboration between research projects, developers, suppliers, and policymakers, aims to unlock the full potential of CEI technologies and enhance European competitiveness.

With 55 projects currently under its umbrella, the EUCEI RIAs Community continues to grow and evolve. By supporting clusters like the Cognitive Computing Continuum, EUCEI is driving forward the development and adoption of transformative CEI technologies.

Attention, the future of AI and edge computing has arrived!


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