Efficient Edge-to-Cloud

Workload Management


The cloud-edge continuum has developed many forms of flexibility and adaptation, yet it lacks disruptive technologies to deal with the new forms in which content will be distributed and consumed. The ENACT project brings together a team of 16 experienced partners from 9 EU countries with the aim of delivering breakthrough techniques and disruptive technology solutions to target this need for efficient and intelligent content and data processing, using all suitable resources available in the edge-cloud continuum.


ENACT addresses directly the demands to build a computing continuum with cognitive Web3 capabilities that can effectively manage the explosion of locally generated content for next generation hyper-distributed services, while respecting European values and the regulatory frameworks set by the European Data Act and complementary legislation. Moreover, the outcomes of these research and development activities will be delivered as open-source solutions, with the goal of allowing European businesses to enhance their competencies and upgrade their IT services with latest innovations.


Enable meshed networking

Allow devices to share status information anywhere in the computing environment.

Cognitive systems and CCC

Support the needs of highly demanding applications by developing both these areas.

Digital sovereignity

Support European content and creative industries

Compute to data

Contribute to shaping a new paradigm that replaces the former ‘data to compute’ approach.

Foster innovation

10 Innovative Solutions will be developed, tested and demonstrated by use cases.

International collaboration

Guarantee a minimum level of interoperability to facilitate European access to foreign markets.