ENACT Kicks Off its Project Journey in Thessaloniki

Mar 1, 2024

ENACT, a cutting-edge research project aimed at revolutionizing edge-cloud computing, launched its journey with a robust kick-off meeting held on Thursday and Friday 15th and 16th February. Hosted in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece, the meeting witnessed enthusiastic participation from project partners eager to embark on this transformative endeavor.

Day 1 Highlights:

The first day of the kick-off meeting deep dived into the project’s foundational aspects and technical work packages.

A significant focus was placed on Technical Work Package (WP) presentations. The session emphasized the importance of conducting use-case consultations and partner surveys to determine the current state and desired future of infrastructure. Partners deliberated on the detailed technical and non-technical requirements for each ENACT technical solution, laying the groundwork for seamless execution.

The meeting also saw comprehensive discussions on other technical work packages focusing on Cloud-Edge Abstraction, Distributed Storage, Interoperability, and Modeling, and Edge-Cloud Orchestration, Scheduling, and Adaptation. Partners actively engaged in defining scopes, interactions, and dependencies, setting the stage for collaborative progress.

Day 2 Insights:

The second day of the kick-off meeting focused on pilot implementations and dissemination strategies. Partners discussed the development of As-Is and To-Be models of infrastructure and applications, marking a crucial step towards tangible outcomes.

Furthermore, the meeting addressed Dissemination and Exploitation strategies, highlighting the importance of creating communication channels and visual identity for the project. This session underscored ENACT’s commitment to sharing its findings with broader audiences and maximizing its impact.

Next Steps:

Before the next plenary meeting slated for May 2024 in Lisbon, Portugal, ENACT aims to achieve several milestones. These include understanding existing infrastructure, finalizing solution specifications, identifying relevant AI algorithms, and refining dissemination strategies. With a clear roadmap in place, ENACT is poised to make significant strides in advancing edge-cloud computing.

The kick-off meeting in Thessaloniki served as a promising start to ENACT’s journey, fostering collaboration and setting the stage for impactful innovation. Stay tuned for more updates as ENACT continues its quest to revolutionize the edge-cloud landscape!