ENACT: Key Panelist for Cognitive Computing Continuum Panel at Digital Transformation Summit

Apr 3, 2024

ENACT is thrilled to announce its participation as a panelist in the Cognitive Computing Continuum Panel at the upcoming Digital Transformation Summit, scheduled to take place between June 24th and 28th, 2024, on Madeira Island, Portugal. The summit will bring together leading researchers and practitioners to deep dive into the dynamic connectivity of edge-cloud resources and the advancement of intelligence and automation within the edge-cloud continuum.

The Cognitive Computing Continuum Panel aims to address pressing challenges and explore cutting-edge solutions in the realm of edge-cloud computing. Supported by various European Commission (EC) funded projects, including those from the CL4-2023-DATA-01-04 call, this session will feature introductory presentations followed by thematic discussions on topics such as dynamic connectivity, application deployment, resource management, security, privacy, and energy efficiency.

ENACT’s Coordinator, Alexandros Nizamis, will represent the project on the panel alongside recognized panelists from other leading institutions. ENACT’s contributions align closely with the themes of the panel, focusing on the development of cutting-edge techniques and technology solutions to realize a Cognitive Computing Continuum (CCC). ENACT’s innovative approach encompasses optimal resource management, dynamic scaling, and the deployment of hyper-distributed data-intensive applications within the edge-cloud continuum.

With ENACT’s participation, the Cognitive Computing Continuum Panel will benefit from insights into adaptive computing technologies and their pivotal role in addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by the evolving edge-cloud landscape. This collaboration underscores ENACT’s commitment to driving innovation and fostering collaboration within the European research community.

The panel will be moderated by industry experts and key partners in the Communication and Dissemination activities within ENACT, Usman Wajid and Philippe Krief, and promises to be a stimulating discussion bringing together academia, industry, and researchers to explore the forefront of cognitive computing. ENACT looks forward to contributing to this dynamic exchange of ideas and shaping the future of edge-cloud computing at the Digital Transformation Summit.

More information: https://mdtweek.digit-madeira.pt/summit/workshops.html#PS103