ENACT in Future-proof Solutions for Cognition-enabled Cloud Computing Webinar!

Apr 22, 2024

ENACT, a cutting-edge project dedicated to advancing AI-enabled cloud computing in Europe, recently participated in the webinar titled “Future-proof Solutions for Cognition-enabled Cloud Computing” held on April 18th, organized by EUCloudEdgeIoT and hosted by ACES. Led by our project coordinator, Alexandros Nizamis, ENACT’s involvement in this event highlighted our significant contributions to the evolution of cognitive cloud systems within the European research landscape.

The webinar deep-dived into Europe’s research funding initiatives aimed at fostering breakthroughs in AI-enabled cloud computing. It showcased solutions and frameworks developed by various projects, emphasizing the need to enhance performance, security, and digital sovereignty in cloud infrastructures. ENACT’s participation underscored our commitment to innovation and collaboration in driving forward the development of cognitive cloud technologies.

ENACT’s unique contribution to the webinar lies in its development of cutting-edge techniques and technology solutions to realize a Cognitive Computing Continuum (CCC). At the infrastructure level, ENACT brings visibility to distributed edge and cloud resources through dynamic graph models. These models, powered by AI (Graph Neural Networks – GNN) and Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) agents, suggest optimal deployment configurations for hyper-distributed applications, ensuring optimal resource management and dynamic scaling. Additionally, ENACT is developing an innovative Application Programming Model (APM) to support the development of platform-agnostic distributed applications capable of self-determining their optimal deployment and execution configurations.

ENACT’s CCC solutions aim to revolutionize the management of distributed infrastructure and applications, enabling real-time and predictive management while maximizing compute, storage, and energy efficiency. With validation in three challenging use-cases and plans for international collaboration, including knowledge sharing with the Japan Productivity Center, ENACT is poised to make significant strides in reshaping the future of AI and edge computing.

Our participation in the webinar underscores ENACT’s commitment to driving innovation and collaboration in the European research community. As we continue to push the boundaries of cognitive cloud technologies, we look forward to contributing to a brighter, more connected future powered by intelligent and adaptive computing solutions.